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Commonly asked questions about Amoore Counseling

1.“What do you do?”

A. Why do clients call you?

They call me because something happened to them that has caused a disturbance in their life and It has caused an unbalance that is interfering with their normal function. They want help to put their life back in balance.

B. How do clients live improve after working with you? (what do they feel/think/do/understand differently?)

They feel like the giant is not so big after all. They see that they can gain control over what they thought was impossible. They being to think differently which in turn they do things differently. Furthermore, their life would look differently.

C. what do clients thank you for?

They thank me for understanding and giving no judgement. They also thank me for helping them to think a different way.

D. Why would people choose to work with you vs. another healer?

They know I have the knowledge and the atmosphere is conducive for healing.

2. “Who do you Serve?” Questions:

A. Who were you born to serve?

I was born to serve all of God’s Children. Everyone deserves to get to a place of what they deem as peace.

B. What kind of folks do really well working with you?

Anyone who feels that a change is needed in their life.

3. “Why do you do this kind of work?” Questions:

A. What do you want your legacy (as a healer) to be?

I would like clients to say “Angel really made a difference in people life she helped them to be whole in a world that is broken”

B. Why do you choose this work?

I know that people need help and when people are mentally healthy, they create healthy space around them that in turn help others become healthy. One healthy life touches another then they touch another and will make our world a better place.

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